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Top 5 Food to Eat in Hoi An

MONday - 15/09/2014 16:43
Top 5 Food to Eat in Hoi An

Top 5 Food to Eat in Hoi An

Many people come to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An for its well-preserved architecture. Walking around Hoi An, it's easy to get lost in time and be shuttled back to an age when the river-front city was the largest harbor in all of Southeast Asia
I, however, came to Hoi An to eat. It just worked to my benefit that I had such lovely setting to do it!

There are anumber of local delicacies specific to Hoi An that can draw a traveler to and persuade them to stick around Hoi An for awhile. I know because I fell in love with Hoi An's specialties and ended up eating my way around town for almost two weeks (well, also because I was having clothes custom-made but more on that in a later post)!

Although many restaurants serve up all the usual Hoi An dishes for a few dollars a plate, heading to the street stalls is really where you'll get the authentic taste and the local price!

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