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Policies and Regulations
1. General policies and regulations
• General regulation:
Welcome to NAMDUTRAVEL. Please consider all our regulations below and cooperate with us to build NAMDUTRAVEL more friendly and useful to serve well for customer’s needs.
• Customer’s responsibility when using Namdutravel’s services:
You are not allowed to use or encourage any tool or method to interfere or break illegally into our system or change our structure data at the website In addition, please inform our web management in case you find out any system issue. To tel: 0939 190 086 or email:
You are not able to use our company’s logo, commercial brand or name without our agreement.
you have no right to give comments, assesses which aim to offend, disturb or annoy or any impolite behavious to other customers. Do not give any comment related to  politics (declare, oppose and distort  Vietnam state…), sexism, religional and racial segregation. The activities of making fake or misunderstanding are prohibitted.
• NAMDUTRAVEL’s responsibilities and interests.
We are not responsible for the demages arising from unexpected problems which is out of our control and liability. Furthermore, we do not let you to advertise your products or services at NAMDUTRAVEL’S website without our agreement. Policies and regulations in this using term can be changed anytime and we will announce specificly you in website .vn/.
Regulations about supplying and using services discribe the terms our company provide the customers. Your agreements to the services you are adviced means that you accept and engage to observe the term about providing and using services we offered. NAMDUTRAVEL can refuse supplying services if you do not agree with our policies and regulation.
•Service standards for customer.
Commit to professionally and quickly serve you through hotline (0984 844 633 - 0932 984 688 - 0939 19 0086) or communicate directly with our teller on this website.
Quality committal : with the modern services management system and the many-year relationship with partners, It is sure that you are served the best services quality.
Competitive price: We always give you advices about the ways to get the best price to decrease the cost and it is very easy for you to choose. There are the fixed price or the price list, the price adjusted for the market change, currency and we update them in VND and USD.  
Customer care: The customer care department will receive and solve inmediatelly all of your requires.


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