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Chau Giang: a brocade-making craft village

MONday - 14/12/2015 16:46
Chau Giang: a brocade-making craft village

Chau Giang: a brocade-making craft village

Located by the Chau Giang ferry station, the village of the Cham ethnic group in Chau Phong commune, Tan Chau district, An Giang province, is known for its ancient, moss-covered houses on stilts.
This is also the place preferred by tourists for its well-known brand of “Chau Giang brocade”.

In the past, most  people in Chau Phong lived on weaving. Nowadays, not many people follow the traditional craft; however, brocade products, such as sarongs, shirts, bags, and scarfs, are still manually weaved featuring subtle and artistic patterns. All the products are made from natural materials, including skins and latex of trees, making bright and colour-fast colours that cannot be mistaken for brocade products from other localities.

Visitors are often interested in the hand-made bandannas, which can be bought at prices ranging from VND 30,000 to 100,000 (USD 1.5 - 4.5) each, as a souvenir of the land of An Giang province.


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